Ruth King is a seasoned entrepreneur whom has over 25 years of experience running businesses as well as coaching and training fellow business owners so they can reach their goals. She's written three books covering various topics on managing businesses, managing people, and how to get an stay profitable.


The number one reason small businesses fail is because they don't understand the relationship between growth and cash. Ruth King teaches you this relationship. She shows you how to understand the cash so you can survive long enough to make a profit.




Jim Blasingame

Host, The Small Business Advocate Show

If you have expert financial skills you'll appreciate the metrics and ratios Ruth has skillfully produced. If you're a novice, King poses the questions, outlines the answers and gives solutions to questions you may not even have known to ask. It would take years to learn this on your own. Invest in yourself and your company. Understand the contents of this book. Become a better, more sound business owner.


Terry Tanker

Publisher, HVACR Business

I am realy enjoying your book. I have to admit that I opened the cover with a great deal of trepidation. But your approach is wonderfully user friendly and easy to understand.






T.J. Ratchford

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