"Giving up is not in my nature. My dad always told me, 'When bad things happen, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.' So I did."


- Ruth King

"Atlanta Woman Magazine"

January 2006

CEO. Author. Entrepreneur. Humanitarian.

Ruth King is a seasoned entrepreneur who has owned and operated 7 businesses over the past 25 years. Her first business, “Business Ventures Corporation”, began operations in 1981. Through “Business Ventures Corporation” she coaches, trains, and aids businesses in achieving their most desired goals.


In 1982, Ruth instituted a branch of the Small Business Development Center in Decatur, Georgia and founded the Women’s Entrepreneurial Center; where she taught a yearlong course for women who wanted to establish their own businesses. This course created the foundation for one of the most popular lectures at the Women’s Economic Development Authority in Atlanta, Georgia.


More recently, Ruth was the instructor for the Inner City Entrepreneur Program in conjunction with the Small Business Administration. This 16-week course taught business owners with at least $400,000 in revenues (and many that had over $1,000,000 in revenues) how to grow their business to the next level.


Her teachings and experience inspired her to pen numerous books and manuals for small business owners. These books inevitably led her to becoming a finalist for The Independent Publisher Awards and winning The 2006 USA Best Books for Entrepreneurship Award for her work, “The Ugly Truth About Small Business”.


Being an accomplished author and a passionate humanitarian, Ruth was an active part in creating an adult literacy organization in 1986; which is still in operation and now serves over 1,000 adults per year.


Currently, she resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she operates “Profitability Revolution Paradigm”. An Internet broadcasting network: whose programming is geared towards helping small businesses excel in finance, operations, and management.


She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and The University of Pennsylvania, respectively; as well as an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University.


Ruth King has spoken for several manufacturers and distributors, at many national and state associations meetings; national and local trade shows, and other conventions from one coast to the other. She is a down to earth, thought provoking speaker who will provide audiences with ideas that will inspire them and help them earn more profits. She is available for Radio and TV interviews, in store book signings, lectures and seminars.





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