As an entrepreneur, you had the courage to start or purchase a business. You must have the courage to profitably grow and survive. Survival takes understanding the financial part of your business including cash flow and what profit really is. Then it takes implementing a monthly financial review and taking action based on what the review tells you. The Courage to be profitable will show you how to get and stay profitable.

The Courage to be Profitable is an easy three step process

       - Step One: Understand the financial part of your small business

       - Step Two: Implement your business monthly financial review

       - Step Three: Take action based on your financial review

Learning the financial part of your business is like learning your ABC's:


     When you were a kid one of the first things you learned in school was your ABC's. You kept at it (usually because your parents drilled them into you) until you knew them. Then you turned those ABC's into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs. Paragraphs into books...

     In the beginning your ABC's were hard. You worked at it. Then they became easier. One day you know them! You were really proud and usually wanted to recite them to anyone who would listen. You were excited because you could form words and read. A whole new world opened up to you because you could read.

     Learning the financial part of your business is like learning your ABC's. As adults we don't have our parents to keep hounding us until we learn something. We just have our desire for profits, cash, financial freedom, and other goals we want to achieve.   I   Design by Jeremy Goldberg   I   Customized by Rob Stockwell