If you are one of the millions of managers or are thinking about becoming a manager this book is a must read. For the first time the truth about being "boss" is revealed. You'll discover what can happen and how to deal with it... whether you are a first time manager or the senior executive of a Fortune 500 company. You'll learn from those who have overcome some of the most difficult scenarios that come with managing other and lead their teams to success.

Read the stories of the managers who...

      ...inherited a disruptive employee and turned her around

      ...was falsely accused of sexual harassment and won

      ...cursed at her boss and wasn't fired

      ...left the business with the managers, to handle a family crisis, and came back to a smoothly running company

      ...successfully made the transition from employee to boss

      ...fired a friend

      ...and many more true stories of management overcoming the odds.

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